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SynthEyes Tracking for Production

Essential Tips, Tricks, and Theories


In this workshop, Tracker / Matchmove Artist Kevin Bolivar takes you through SynthEyes tracking from beginning to end, explaining the theory and concepts applied to solve camera motion, distortion, and object tracks. Follow Kevin as he shows you essential tools and workflows to speed up your tracking and ship it to the next part of the production pipeline effectively. These videos will go over what tracking is, how to guide SynthEyes to work how you want it to, basic modeling for layout purposes, and animation to understand how things move in space as well as work with each other through constraints. Using SythEyes and Maya, we’ll cover a variety of shots each with their own problems and solutions, so if you are just starting out or have delved into other tracking software, this tutorial will help you get into SynthEyes and be able to efficiently and effectively track production shots or your very own footage.

Duration: 3h 53m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Kevin Bolivar

Tracker / Matchmove Artist at Encore Hollywood

Kevin Bolivar has been tracking for both sides of the coin in Marvel and DC for years, from t.v. shows and movies including Deadpool, Doom Patrol, Captain America: Civil War, Legends of Tomorrow, Dr. Strange, Black Lightning, Ant-Man, and The Flash. His other client work includes commercials for Nissan, Ford, Coca-Cola, and a VR project for Mr. Robot. When not tracking at a studio during the day, Kevin likes to freelance at home on the evenings as well as illustrate and animate for personal projects within Rhythm Games.