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Jose Borges

Senior Concept Artist at Tencent America, Lightspeed LA

Jose Borges is a passionate artist with a love for visual storytelling and design. He is currently working as a Senior Concept Artist in the video game and film industry, primarily focusing on environment, vehicle, and prop design. His professional credits include projects such as Love Death and Robots, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and 4, Wonder Woman, Planet of the Apes, Ready Player One, Dimension 404, and many others. Most recently, he’s working with Tencent America at Lightspeed LA, helping develop a brand new AAA gaming IP.

Follow Jose on Instagram @joseborgesart and on ArtStation @Jose Borges.

  • Jose is a fantastic concept artist! Working with him firsthand, I can say he pushes the pace and quality of everyone’s work around him. His greatest skill sets are his highly efficient workflows that allow him to create great designs at a rapid pace. To miss out on learning how he works would be a waste. For anyone that is looking for some of the best ways to create professional quality designs quickly and effectively, Jose is your guy.

    - Nicholas Schumaker
    Senior Concept Artist at Lightspeed LA

  • Jose is an exemplary artist with a keen eye for efficiency and detail — on any project, big or small, you can count on Jose's expertise to push the envelope. There's always something to be learned from his effective and practical application of foundational knowledge and digital techniques.

    - James Cheong
    Concept Artist at Dreamworks Animation

  • Jose’s ability to rapidly iterate and produce quality concepts is fantastic. Making great art is already hard enough, but doing so while solving complex problems and working within technical limitations makes it even more impressive.

    - Matthew Mcauliffe
    Senior Technical Artist at Lightspeed LA

  • Jose is very logical with his approach to art and works methodically through the images he paints. It’s always inspiring to see his work when I come across his desk!

    - Daniel Kim
    Lead VFX Artist at Lightspeed LA