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Madhav Shyam

Creature Supervisor at Ghost VFX

Madhav Shyam works as a Rigging Lead and Creature Supervisor at Ghost VFX in Copenhagen. He has at least seven years of experience working in the industry, during which time, he’s amounted a wealth of knowledge in Rigging, Animation, and Creature FX (CFX). 

These days, his primary focus is on the development of creatures in a production environment. Over the years, he’s had the opportunity of working on multiple feature films including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Troll, Slumberland, and 65. He was also credited by The Academy for the Emmy Award-winning work done on Star Trek: Discovery in 2021 for best Visual Effects, and for The Dragon Prince in 2020 for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series.

Madhav started his journey in Visual Effects and Animation from Bangalore, India, in 2012. Through the past decade-plus, he’s lived in 3 different continents while chasing his career dreams!

Follow Madhav on Instagram @monsterlab1994.