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Advanced 3D Matte Painting Techniques

with Garrett Fry


In this lecture, Garrett Fry demonstrates the entire process of how to create a 3D matte painted and projected environment, including modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, painting, projecting and compositing. Garrett thoroughly discusses how to approach, problem solve and plan complex 3D projection based Matte Paintings using Maya, Nuke and Mari. He shares his techniques for developing an efficient Matte Painting workflow, incorporating photogrammetry into a Matte Painted environment and creating projection setups in multiple software packages. Using the latest Matte Painting techniques used in the film industry, this advanced lecture is designed for both aspiring and experienced artists.

Duration: 601 minutes

Format: HD 1280x720

Garrett Fry

Matte Painter

Garrett Fry is a Matte Painter and Concept Artist for Feature films. Garrett has filled such roles as Senior Matte Painter, Matte Painting Sequence Lead and Matte Painting Technical Lead on such films as "The Great Gatsby", "The Hunger Games", "X Men First Class", "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Garrett has been recognized for his work in creating new, innovative Matte Painting techniques and his work has appeared in Cinefex Magazine. Garrett has been committed to educating people about the craft of Matte Painting and founded the "Matte Painting for Filmmakers Project". He studied Art, Film and Animation at Brigham Young University.

  • "Garrett is an individual who can work well under supervision, but also lead his own way if need be with a great creative eye, a smart approach and keen sense of professionalism. He has a wide range of technical and artistic skills and is very well rounded."

    - Chris Stoski
    Matte Painting Supervisor

  • "Garrett was a key member of the matte painting department, and was frequently tasked with heading up a group of shots, establishing the "look" by both technical and artistic means. Garrett was very dependable in this role, as he proved repeatedly."

    - Brian Flora
    Art Director

  • "Garrett was instrumental in setting up the matte painting pipeline. Garrett is a highly motivated artist, who is always exploring new techniques to improve his craft."

    - Andy Brown
    VFX Supervisor - Animal Logic