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Design Techniques for 3D Concept Art

with Gavriil Klimov


In this title, Gavriil Klimov guides us through his pipeline and workflow to create sci-fi 3D concept design using 3ds Max, Keyshot and Photoshop. Having worked in the film and game industries, his use of 3D in the design phase of a project has been critical to his success. The lecture begins with modeling, where Gavriil discusses the use of reference, the benefits of 3D and various tips for 3ds Max. Detailed hard-surface modeling techniques are demonstrated as we see the entire modeling process unfold. He then takes the 3D concept into Keyshot to design the materials, shading and lighting. Keyshot's intuitive workflow allows for the fast-turnaround of photoreal images that can be quickly edited based on a client's art direction. To create a final illustration ready for presentation, Gavrill post-processes the Keyshot render in Photoshop using a variety of render passes. These elements are composited, while a variety of effects are added to increase the believability of the image, including hand-painted details and lens effects. For those interested in learning the latest techniques being used by designers in the entertainment industry, this lecture offers an inspiring perspective by one of the industry's leading artists

Duration: 95 minutes

Format: HD 1280x720

Gavriil Klimov

3D Concept Artist

Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov is a concept artist working in the film and game industries. Born and raised in Europe, he moved to Los Angeles to attend the Art Center College of Design, majoring in Industrial Design with a focus on Entertainment Design. Gavriil has since worked on a wide variety of projects for such studios as Activision, Adhesive Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Digital Frontier, Ignition Creative, Kojima Productions, MPC, Nike, Paramount Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, Prologue, Rhythm and Hues and Treyarch. He is currently traveling the world, while working freelance on both film and game projects..

  • "Gavriil is definintely one of the most talented concept artists in this industry. I was blown away when I first saw his designs and he continues to inspire and raise the bar of quality with every new artwork"

    - Fausto De Martini
    Concept Designer

  • "Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov is one of the most gifted concept artists in the industry , i`ve been following his designs for a while and I truly recommend Design Techniques for 3D Concept Art which is a fine and very well explained presentation of his workflow."

    - Alessandro Baldasseroni
    Lead 3D Artist at Blur Studio

  • "Gavriil was approached because we needed a highly talented artist with a strong sense of industrial mechanical design who could concept complex ideas in 3d space with great detail and present them with a very high level of execution. Our collaboration with him created truly high caliber imaginative pieces"

    - Colin Whitney
    Art Director at Treyarch