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Animating a 3-Hit Combo for Games in Maya
Mocap, HumanIK, Retargeting and Animation with Brandon Yates

Brandon Yates

6h 33m | 16 Chapters

Animating Emotional Transitions in Maya
Character Animation Techniques with Chris Kirshbaum

Chris Kirshbaum

2h 08m | 15 Chapters

Game Animation: From Concept to Unity
Maya & Unity Workflow for Professional & Indie Developers with Ali Pournassari

Ali Pournassari

5h 30m | 11 Chapters

Animating a Complex Fight Action Sequence in Maya
Advanced Body Mechanics with Peter Dang

Peter Dang

5h 29m | 8 Chapters

Introduction to Ziva VFX: Volume 2
Soft-Tissue Simulation using Ziva VFX, Maya & Wrap 3D with Madhav Shyam

Madhav Shyam

8h 50m | 13 Chapters

Animating First & Third-Person Shooter Attacks for Games
Maya Animation Workflow with Brad Faucheux

Brad Faucheux

9h 30m | 14 Chapters

Introduction to Ziva VFX: Volume 1
Soft Tissue Simulation Using Ziva VFX, Maya & Wrap3D With Madhav Shyam

Madhav Shyam

7h 55m | 13 Chapters

Introduction to Maya for Animators
Practice Essential Animation Exercises With Erik A. Castillo

Erik A. Castillo

3h 02m | 7 Chapters

Animating Body Mechanics in Maya
Full Animation Shot Walkthrough With Kelly Vawter

Kelly Vawter

2h 00m | 4 Chapters

Real-Time Filmmaking in Unreal Engine 5 — THE EYE: CALANTHEK
The Making of the Award-Winning Short Film With Aaron Sims

Aaron Sims

5h 16m | 10 Chapters

Acting for Animators: Become Your Character
From Acting Theory to Maya Practice With Sarah Arduini

Sarah Arduini

2h 20m | 10 Chapters

Cinematic Production Techniques Using the Unreal Engine Sequencer
Create Production-Ready Cinematics in Unreal, Maya & Premiere With Bill Buckley

Bill Buckley

4h 57m | 9 Chapters

Storyboarding Techniques: Creating a Fight Sequence
From Storyboard Drawing to Animatic With Rembert Montald

Rembert Montald

3h 20m | 11 Chapters

Creating Stylized Facial Rigs for Production in Maya
Master Convincing Character Expressions With Hector Abraham Torres

Hector Abraham Torres

4h 24m | 12 Chapters

Introduction to Creating Facial Blendshapes in Maya
A Complete Guide to FACS Blendshapes Using Maya & ZBrush With Derrick Sesson

Derrick Sesson

5h 11m | 11 Chapters

Maya Customization for Faster Animation
Tips, Tricks, Resources, and Scripts with Ari Flesch

Ari Flesch

2h 17m | 15 Chapters

Creating a Combat Finishing Takedown
Games Workflow in Maya with Patrick Przybyla

Patrick Przybyla

3h 25m | 9 Chapters

Subtle Performance Workflow Vol. 2
Facial Anatomy and Animation with Ted Lister

Ted Lister

6h 10m | 10 Chapters

Introduction to Massive Prime
Crowd Simulation Techniques with Reza Ghobadinic

Reza Ghobadinic

11h 13m | 19 Chapters

Subtle Performance Workflow Vol. 1
Shot Planning and Body Animation with Ted Lister

Ted Lister

4h 42m | 11 Chapters

Facial Animation for Feature Animated Films
Animating Stylized Facial Expressions with Victor Navone

Victor Navone

3h 09m | 6 Chapters

NCloth for Production
Simulating a Warrior Monk’s Robe

Rohit Jain

5h 29m | 15 Chapters

Character Animation and Video Reference
Professional Workflow with Sarah Arduini

Sarah Arduini

3h 26m | 8 Chapters

From Previs to Final Animation
Composition, Lenses, Shot Design and Animation With Elaina Scott

Elaina Scott

3h 03m | 9 Chapters

SynthEyes Tracking for Production
Essential Tips, Tricks, and Theories

Kevin Bolivar

3h 53m | 14 Chapters

VFX Animation for Television
with Elaina Scott

Elaina Scott

5h 21m | 10 Chapters

Creating First Person Shooter Animations for Games
with Bill Buckley

Bill Buckley

3h 39m | 9 Chapters

Combat Animation for Games
with Jason Shum

Jason Shum

4h 12m | 11 Chapters

Creating Game Ready Animations for Production
with Bill Buckley

Bill Buckley

7h 58m | 18 Chapters

Performance & Acting
Creating Believable Characters with In-Ah Roediger

In-Ah Mellor

2h 31m | 9 Chapters